Lighting Up Your Big Night : Creative Lighting For Your Outdoor Reception

Planning for your big day can be hard, but also rewarding. Thinking of all the ways you can make your space beautiful and memorable is something that even the most creative of people can struggle with. Having an outdoor wedding can be even worse. You can never plan for the weather, but you can always assume that it will not rain. That being said, one thing that is always certain is that even the brightest of days ends up getting dark toward the end. Therefore, it is highly important to consider outdoor lighting for your wedding, even if the reception is early. But with the following outdoor lighting ideas, your reception will be something that will be talked about for years to come.

Dim Lighting — Tea Lights in Mason Jars

For dimmer lighting with tons of style, consider tea lights in mason jars. Perks to this are that you can style them any way you want, they will fit with most modern wedding themes, and they are easy keepsakes for guests. Mason jars come in many different colors, so if you have a color scheme, they are perfect to fit in. Unfortunately, tea lights are not great if you have a wedding that takes place somewhere that gets super dark, so when that happens it is best to consider other lighting options. Additionally, it is important to consider your style, and while mason jars are cute and stylish right now, they are not the best fit for all weddings.

Bright Lighting

Bright lighting provides fantastic ambience for dark weddings, and especially for city weddings! LED lighting offers bright lighting that is versatile and clean. LED lighting can also be manipulated to change color through use of gobos and color washes. The downside to this is that LED lighting can be expensive, and it is not always user-friendly. Often, LED lighting can require the use of someone who is trained in setting it up. Therefore, it is important also when setting up lighting for your wedding to also consider cost.

String Lighting

One of the most popular lighting options today is the string light. String lighting is elegant and chic, but also hip. Because of their simplicity, they are versatile and adaptable to a number of different wedding themes. Even better, copper light fixtures and other string lighting options are affordable and easy to install and take down. When considering lighting for your outdoor event, these lights are a must for their simple nature.

Quality, quantity, and cost are all a must when considering lighting for your event. However, the ambience is really the most important consideration.